Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats


mei 12, 2008 door Tim

All you need to do in order to activate the following status boosts and spawn tricks is use Niko’s mobile phone to call the related numbers.

Though 360 achievement whores please note, cheats 1 – 4 will block the ‘Cleaned The Mean Streets’ achievement while 5 and 15 will do the same for ‘Walk Free’.

Cell Phone Numbers
1, Health And Weapons – GTA-555-0100
2, Weapons – GUN-555-0150
3, Advanced Weapons – GUN-555-0100
4, Health – DOC-555-0100
5, Wanted Level Down – COP-555-0100
6, Wanted Level Up – COP-555-0150
7, Climate Change – HOT-555-0100
8, Spawn Cognoscenti (Mafia Car) – CAR-555-0142
9, Spawn Sanchez (Dirt Bike) – MBK-555-0150
10, Spawn FBI Buffalo – CAR-555-0100
11, Spawn Turismo – CAR-555-0147
12, Spawn NRG900 – MBK-555-0100
13, Spawn Comet – CAR-555-0175
14, Spawn SuperGT – CAR-555-0168
15, Spawn Police Chopper – FLY-555-0100
16, Spawn Jetmax (Boat) – WET-555-0100

Map Locations
Enter the following password into the in-game computers.
Now you will see : Weapon, health, armor, vehicle, pigeon, ramp/stunt, and entertainment locations

Nice to Know!

The Heart of Liberty City
First, you’ll have to have access to Happiness Island. Once you’re able to go there legally, find the Helicopter Tours (which is directly east of Happiness Island) and steal a helicopter. Fly to Happiness Island and over the Statue of Liberty, then jump out of the helicopter at the statue’s feet. You should land on the topmost tier of the statue, which is basically a square platform with a door in the center of each side. Run around the platform until you see a door with a plaque on either side of it that reads, “No Hidden Content Here.” It may seem like you cannot go through the door, but you can– it doesn’t open, you simply walk THROUGH the door. Inside, you’ll find an empty room with a tall ladder. Climb it, and when you reach the top, look up; there is a gigantic beating heart, held in place by chains.
Two bits!
Get any type of car and go to a large traffic jam. Use the horn to do the “Shave and a haircut” and stop, one of the many other cars should do the “two bits”. You must listen carefully because it might be done by a pedestrian instead!

Easy money
Go to an ATM, then cause a traffic jam to the area. Wait for someone to take money from the ATM, then kill him or her. Make sure to block any nearby roads so the ambulance cannot get to the murdered victim. Take the money they dropped on the ground. Then, run a short distance away, and go back. The money should have respawned on the ground. You can repeat this as many times as desired. You can also kill more people taking their money from the ATM to increase the amount of money that respawns.
Repairing the engine
If the vehicle you are driving breaks down and the engine will not start, call 911, and your engine should start again.
Get a Statue of Liberty T-shirt
Go to the statue of liberty and walk up to the second level. Walk through the door (it doesn’t swing open, just go through it) and the game will load for a second and you will walk out with a new t-shirt with the statue of liberty on it.

GTA4 Game Freezes?
Try: Disabling Internet connection seems to fix the issue for almost everyone including myself. I was getting very consistent crashes and when I disabled the Internet, I played several hours without any hiccups at all. Hopefully this will be patched shortly.


4 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats

  1. Avid954 schreef:

    Nice!!!! Great cheats, I was looking for this!
    The anti-“GTA4 Game Freezing”-tip is really great!
    Great help!
    Thanks Mate!

  2. harm schreef:

    what is the cheat for ni police ?

  3. DJ fire schreef:

    what is the cheat for no police ?

  4. donald schreef:

    download iXtreme 1.6

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