The Sims Social Cheats, Hacks and Bots for Facebook

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januari 5, 2014 door Tim

You’ve landed here looking for Sims Social cheatshacks and bots for Facebook. but do you remember the Sims series on the PC when it was in its peak? Yeah, every computer rental place you go to are filled with kids dressing up their Sims family, ordering them to do chores, entering lots of cheats on their Sims Social game and lots of other mundane things actually. But now that Facebook’s the place to be everywhere in the world, gaming giant Electronic Arts decided to republish their former hit The Sims by integrating it to Facebook and calling it The Sims Social.

The Sims Social “is a light, simple web game that lets you control your Sim’s life day-to-day. It’s up to you to fulfill your Sim’s Lifetime Wishes, from world-renowned Surgeon, to Chess Master, to Five-star Chef and more.” Do note that the former SimSocial is different from the The Sims Social Facebook game today.

sims social cheats hacks bots for facebook

The Sims Social Facebook game launch information:

– The Sims Social will run in 5 languages
– Usual features including, sim creation, building homes and relationships
– A mobile App will companion the game for gaming on the move
– Unpredictability and Creativity is the stand out draw to the game
– The world will be populated by player controlled sims from your friends list
– Social interactions will be consensual between players
– WooHooing will be a part in the game, however pregnancy isn’t yet planned
– Free to play but premium items will be available

The Sims Social Facebook Cheats

The Sims Social Speed Hack*

Cheat Engine v6.1
Mozilla Firefox
Sims Social Facebook account

1. Open Cheat Engine v6.1 and your Sims Social account;
2. Click on the computer icon on the Cheat Engine and find Firefox.exe. On the Cheat Engine, go to the icon which looks like a computer with a magnifying glass (upper left portion) and open it. Select “plugin.container.exe” and enable Speed Hack;
3. Click and select your desired “speed”. A “speed” of 10 may cause errors on your Sims Social screen;
4. Go back to your Facebook Sims Social account window and start your game. Now you have lots of energy.
*Credits to polak123

The Sims Social Turn Social Points to Simoleons Trick (Not Working)

To convert Social Points to Simoleans, you simply need to go to the Decorating Shop and buy a “Stolen Kiss” for 2750 Social Points. Sell it and you will have gained 2750 Simoleons instead. This can also be used to raise the value of your homestead: Buy the “Stolen Kiss” and you will notice that it increases the value of your homestead by 7750 Simoleons, with only the 2750 Social Points having been spent.
*Credits to CH and kyle393

The Sims Social Get 5 Simoleons and 2 Social Points Mean Relationship Trick (Not Working)

1. Look for a neighbor that you have a mean relationship with. If you don’t have one, make one;
2. Visit your neighbour that you are currently in a mean relationship;
3. Click on their sofa (Must be a 2-seater sofa) and select nap over and over again;
4. Enjoy the free Simoleons and Social Points;
5. Keep repeating until you have lots of cash
*Credits to lous for this trick. Best combined with Auto Clicker

The Sims Social Free Simoleons Collection

I got here free Simoleon gift links. Just make sure you’re logged in to Facebook when you click the link and you’re ready to go.

2,000 Simoleons
1,000 Simoleons

The Sims Social Free 300 Social Points (Not working)

Just got this now. Click on the link, make sure you’re logged in at Facebook, and claim your free Sims Social Social Points.

400 Social Points
300 Social Points
250 Social Points
*Full credits to PassiLP for this update. Links are updated as of Sep. 27, 2011, 07:50PM

The Sims Social Free Items

I got this info from someone. It’s basically Sims Social free items, as simple and as sweet as that. And this is as updated as we can get here at Tj’s Daily! All links were updated today, 09/21/11.

Anyway, just click on the links below and get the free Sims Social items:

Hurry NEW!
Sims Family Poster
Small Water Plant
Pogo Player
Goodwill Item
*Full credits to PassiLP for this update. Links are updated as of Oct. 07, 2011, 03:40PM

How do you like your brand new free items huh? Don’t forget to share this post if you’ve enjoyed it.


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