Enable Multiple Screens/Displays On Ubuntu in Virtual Box (Windows 10) [FIXED]

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november 26, 2022 door Tim

Like many developers, I was looking for an alternative to split my work into Virtual Machines. Since I have multiple screens, I thought it would be convenient to use it that way.I therefore installed Linux Ubuntu in Virtual Box so that I could use it with my multiple displays.

Enabling Multiple Screens isn’t that obvious

However, It wasn’t as easy as pushing a button to run multiple screens through Virtual Box with Ubuntu, but there were some vital small steps that made it work smoothly with no issues at the native resolution.

1 – Download the latest VirtualBox version and Install Virtual Box Extension Pack

2 – Configure your display settings for multiple screens

3 – When running Ubuntu, select from the Virtual Box device menu “Insert Guest Additions CD image

When successfully selected, this will mount the image into Ubuntu

Now open the terminal in the cd path

4 – Now run the command:

sudo sh runasroot.sh

5 – If everything goes as plan, you can enable every screen from the VirtualBox menu

6 – When you enabled your Virtual Screens, you can set the resolution inside the Ubuntu Settings

7 – From the View menu, you can select Full Screen Mode to make everything perfect.

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