Samsung clx-3170 series – scan to pc (scan2pc.exe driver) [SOLVED]


april 18, 2011 door Tim

Scanning to your pc with the Samsung clx-3170/3175 series can be a pain in the ass, so here is the ultimate solution to get it work under any version of windows (xp/vista/7).

As the scan driver is not always easy to find for some reason I’ve uploaded it.
Start with downloading the right driver : scan2pc.exe

And follow the steps to create a connection to your scan <> pc:

Check here some new drivers! :

1. Locate the scan2pc.exe program in
2. Right-click on the file and select “properties” from the menu
3. Select the “Compatibility tab”.
4. Set compatibility to windows xp (sp2).
5. Check “Run as Administrator” at the bottom
6. Then add scan2pc.exe to your firewall so the printer can access this program.
7. If needed reboot your pc and light the printer up and scan to your pc.

11 thoughts on “Samsung clx-3170 series – scan to pc (scan2pc.exe driver) [SOLVED]

  1. James schreef:

    I also had to start Sscan2io.exe in the same dir as scan2pc.exe
    an had to choose a correct directory. (Windows 7)

  2. opakipie schreef:

    This Trick did it for me as well, THX 🙂

  3. Johna13 schreef:

    Hello. excellent job. I did not expect this. This is a great story. Thanks! debgdedfeadc

  4. Syann schreef:

    Finally, it’s working. Thank you!

  5. Ashan schreef:

    I Downloaded This one,

    “Windows 7 64-bit Driver 3.01.77 – For Scanning”

    Just installed(I didn’t followed the steps on this page) on windows 10 64-bit and it works perfectly! Thank you So much!!

    • Tim schreef:

      You are very welcome ;-).

    • JS schreef:


      I have Windows 10 64-bit and I am now since Windows 10 released looking for a working solution for it.
      I’m using with success with Windows 7 but on Windows 10 the scan2io does not find my printer, not the printer find my PC.
      I done all on this tutorial and also disabled my PC firewall with the same results…

      Can anyone help me?



  6. ペニス 増大サプリ

    Samsung clx-3170 series – scan to pc (scan2pc.exe driver) [SOLVED] | T.I.M.

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