Install IPKG on Synology via GUI


mei 8, 2016 door Tim

I wanted to add mbstring to my webserver php extensions. As there are a lot of guides via command line, it’s still a difficult thing to fix this the right way.
Another way that is not really explained around the internet is that you can fix this via the GUI of you synology.

In the package installer there is an option to add community sources. By adding links you are able to install a lot more packages on your synology. Of course these are not official packages, but are packages that are developed by third parties.

In those third party packages there is a package called “Easy Bootstrap Installer”, optionally you can download a Perl based package to manage packages via the Synology backend, so no more command line stuff…

So we are going to add third party urls.

1. Goto the “Package Center” of your Synology
2. Click “Settings”
3. Then we click the “Package Sources” Tab
4. We add following urls as new sources:

Adding Package Center Third Party Urls

Adding Package Center Third Party Urls









After adding the urls, the “community” option tab is available:

Synology package center community tab











OK, and now it’s time for installing the “Easy Bootstrap Installer”. And if you really want to go all the GUI-way, you can optionally install the iPKGui (Perl needs to be installed)

Install the Synology Qtip Easy Bootstrap Installer

Install the Synology Qtip Easy Bootstrap Installer


After that reboot your synology and now you have installed the IPKG. Runnable via commandline too.

3 thoughts on “Install IPKG on Synology via GUI

  1. Dominik schreef:

    There is an error, because its .com instead of .net

  2. vas schreef:

    Easy Bootstrap Installer is not working for DSM7 users anymore due to changes in package format as discussed on EBI maintenance forum

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